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"The ideal manager is a man who knows exactly what he can't do and gets the right people for it."
- Philip Rosenthal -

Even in the current age of digitalization, a company's success is determined by the skills, quality and performance, of their employees. Talent can make or break a company. It can either be a decisive competitive advantage or sustainably hurt an organization.

Being a headhunter for me means that finding the best leaders in the German and American marketplaces and securing them for my international clients is my number one priority.



"The art of living is to bring your own nature into harmony with your work."
- Luis Ponce de Léon -

I founded INITIATIVE CEO 2028 in order to directly accompany and support today's decision-makers, as well as, outstanding high potential candidates on their personal path in order to shape the world of tomorrow successfully and sustainably.

Learn more about INITIATIVE CEO 2028 and the requirements for admission.



"We make money in a very old-fashioned way: we earn it."
- Hans J. Lange -

My main focus as an executive search expert is identifying, approaching and persuading the best talent to work for my clients. Additionally, I also consult for companies, regarding their own recruiting for technical and business experts. For that, I developed the ULTIMATE RECRUITING System, in order to empower companies to improve their own internal recruitment processes. The combination of my signature executive search services and my proprietary system solves every possible problem in closing my clients' leadership and expert positions. This creates the most value in the marketplace.

I support my clients internationally through locations in both Germany and the USA.


"There are many shells, but only a few pearls."
- unknown -

In this webinar, the HEADHUNTER SECRETS series, I will tell you about the common pitfalls companies often fall into when looking for the best executives, as well as, the common mistakes that they make which cause them to open doors for the low-performing candidates instead of the most highly desired potential ones.

And, of course, you will also learn what to do in order to win over the very best managers for your company.