Florian Brach I Executive Search I CEO 2028 Mentoring


I have worked as an executive search expert for leadership and specialist positions for over a decade. My main focus is the traditional executive search. I work with clients only on an exclusive basis.

Over the past ten years, I have screened over 30,000 resumes, conducted 5,000 interviews, presented 1,200 candidates and closed more than 300 positions.

My clients range from mid-sized companies of 100-500 employees to international industry leaders with 15,000+ employees, are recognized as the best places to work and rank among the most well-known German brands.

I support my clients internationally through locations in both Germany and the USA. Filling positions for German subsidiaries in the US is just as much a part of my sphere of expertise as filling positions for American subsidiaries in Germany.

My main focus as executive search expert is identifying, approaching and persuading the best talent to work for my clients. Additionally, I also consult for companies, regarding their own recruiting for technical and business experts. For that, I developed the ULTIMATE RECRUITING System, in order to empower companies to improve their own internal recruitment processes. The combination of my signature executive search services and my proprietary system solves every possible problem in closing my clients' leadership and expert positions. This creates the most value in the marketplace.