Executive Search


Even in the current age of digitalization, a company's success is determined by the skills, quality and performance, of their employees. Talent can make or break a company. It can either be a decisive competitive advantage or sustainably hurt an organization.

Being a headhunter for me means that finding the best leaders in the German and American marketplace and securing them for my international clients is my number one priority.

Why Executive Search?
Executive Search is a consultation-intensive service that needs a high level of expertise and sensitivity. Unlike using permanent placement agencies, which are mostly predicated on coincidence, Executive Search is a complex and highly sophisticated search process to guarantee the perfect fit.

Why work with me?
- 75% of all candidates that I present to clients are invited to further interviews.
- 90% of my clients decide to have a long-term, multi-year relationship with me.
- 100% of the candidates that I have placed with clients create maximum value and help move their companies forward and thrive.

My Mission
My mission is to find the best leaders and experts in the marketplace so my clients’ companies can achieve long-term success.